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Snapplify gives booksellers instant access to a vast catalogue to sell via their own digital store.

Launch your personalised e-commerce store

Create your own branded ebook store, without having to spend hours on development, or integrate with your existing e-commerce website to offer an extensive catalogue of ebooks and audiobooks to your customers.

Animated GIF of a laptop screen where a customer is setting up their online bookstore using Snapplify Origin

Sell hardcopy books online

Booksellers can help educational institutions purchase hardcopy books digitally, through collaboration with Snapplify.

Partner with us to distribute hardcopy books to thousands of Snapplify schools. 

Our features include

Run your own retail store using our technology & plugins


Grow in new markets and accept payments from around the world, efficiently and securely. 


Curate products from Snapplify’s catalogue and offer a vast range of books to your customers. 


Use Snapplify Origin tools to issue copies of your books and drive digital book sales.

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