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How The Answer Series accessed world-class tech to distribute their ebooks

The Answer Series empowers high school students to achieve exam success with comprehensive, easy-to-use study guides.

Client making use of Snapplify Origin

The challenge

The Answer Series is a family-owned business. They are well-known for producing top-quality exam preparation material written by teachers. 

As a publisher and bookseller, they needed a rapid route to market and a way to reach a large customer base. They also needed the technology to distribute their content securely, and the expertise to maintain that technology.

The Answer Series needed a way to distribute its content digitally, securely, and at scale.

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With Snapplify, The Answer Series accessed technology, people, expertise, and processes to sell their ebooks

Using Snapplify, The Answer Series is able to sell ebooks through its website and offer a digital subscription service to its customers. They have access to technology that reaches a large customer base and which keeps their content secure, in a cost-effective way.

They also get the benefit of using Snapplify’s already-established customer service infrastructure. It would have cost a lot of time and money to build the technology themselves. By leaving the tech to Snapplify, The Answer Series can focus on what they do best.

Quick questions

What has been your experience working with the Snapplify team?

The Snapplify team showed a willingness, from the technical to the commercial, to co-create solutions wherever practical to do so. Truly entrepreneurial.

What do you like about the Snapplify integration?

Mainly that we get to spend our efforts on our area of expertise! With our website backend integrated with Snapplify Origin, as well as the single sign-on option, it makes the customer journey as slick as possible.

What can you do now that was more difficult before this integration?

Among a few other things, we can now sign up an entire school as a customer (with all their teachers and learners) and not have to give a second thought to onboarding that customer from a technical point of view. Huge efficiency gain versus had we opted to do it ourselves.

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