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How Scholastic and Snapplify are boosting literacy rates

Scholastic Literacy Pro is an online, research-based program that assesses students’ reading comprehension and promotes reading growth.

A teacher in a classroom guiding a young child through a Teacha classroom resource on a tablet device

The challenge

Scholastic Literacy Pro empowers schools to run literacy intervention programs that encourage students to improve their reading skills and enjoy reading.

To build reading confidence in more students and continue making a difference in boosting literacy rates, Scholastic was looking for a partner with well-established relationships with schools in the African market.

Scholastic Literacy Pro wanted to expand into new markets.

A teenager in at the library in school uniform accessing her school work using Snapplify on a tablet device

Being able to deliver integrated tools to schools is really important to us. Snapplify’s strong relationships with schools and the quality of their products align with Scholastic’s mission to enrich the lives of all children with the joy and power of reading.

Zahid Khokhar, Scholastic Sales Director MEA

With Snapplify, Scholastic Literacy Pro was able to expand their reach

With Snapplify, Scholastic Literacy Pro are growing their customer base in new territories. By enabling new users to authenticate into their platform using Snapplify’s robust technology, Scholastic has made it easier for thousands of students to access their product with their existing Snapplify accounts.

The LTI integration makes it convenient to sign in to both platforms with one account and creates a seamless learning environment. Students get 24/7 access to hundreds of thousands of ebooks via the Snapplify Engage e-library that are aligned with their reading level and are rewarding to read. 

Quick questions

What has been your experience working with the Snapplify team?

It’s been a fantastic journey. Working with a partner who shares common goals makes for a solid foundation. We’ve always found Snapplify to be proactive and at the forefront of technology. We’re proud to associate our brand with them.

What do you like about the Snapplify integration?

Quite simply – our wish is to have children read more books, read more of the books they enjoy, and for them to be aware of their reading level. In order to do that, the experience must be as easy as possible. This is why the integration of Literacy Pro into the Snapplify platform has been crucial.

What can you do now that was more difficult before this integration?

Prior to this, it was two platforms. The integration has allowed for a more seamless experience for students who use both Snapplify and Literacy Pro. Single sign-on and direct access to Literacy Pro has made all the difference.

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