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How Classera provided content to their clients with Snapplify

Classera is an LMS provider, focused on leaving a greater impact on the education ecosystem. Their smart e-learning solutions have transformed traditional classrooms for schools in more than 30 countries worldwide.

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The challenge

As an LMS, Classera provides tools for managing the learning journey. Classera wanted to achieve a seamless learning environment within their LMS, where students could access everything they needed in one place. This included pulling content into the LMS.

Classera also needed technology that supports right-to-left languages.

Classera needed students to have access to content directly from their LMS.

School age child viewing the Classera website on a computer with right to left text

Snapplify is a great educational solution with great content and ebooks that help to enhance educational services. We at Classera are so glad to be partners with Snapplify, to help in making the learning process easy and effective.

Mahmoud Elgabry, Classera Strategic Partnerships Director

With Snapplify, Classera users enjoy a frictionless learning experience

By integrating with Snapplify, Classera has been able to offer their clients more because when students use their LMS, they also have access to content. Using Snapplify’s robust authentication technology, Classera enabled students everywhere to access Snapplify’s e-content, straight off their interface.

Through LTI integration, Classera’s LMS becomes interoperable with Snapplify’s content marketplace. This integration offers students convenience and makes it easy to sign in to both platforms with one account, ensuring a frictionless and seamless learning environment.

Quick questions

What has been your experience working with the Snapplify team?

The Snapplify team is very supportive, helpful, and responsive. We actually love working with them.

What do you like about the Snapplify integration?

The common understanding between our team and the Snapplify team during the integration process. There was always a solution to make a successful integration.

What can you do now that was more difficult before this integration?

Snapplify added value to Classera’s platform and helped us to make our learning process more valuable and rich.

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